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No self-respecting gentleman who aspires to have a luxurious lifestyle should overlook the reasons for owning an elegant motor yacht or a sailing boat. Imagine cruising on your own voyage of discovery, exploring the seas at your own pace and feeling totally free. If you are in position to make that dream come true, you will need to find yourself a quality boat maker and for that look no further than Frauscher Boats. They have been making boats since 1927 and have become the masters at it.


Frauscher Boats is a family-run company made of experienced boat enthusiasts who are both technology- and technique-savvy. The company also has an impressive race heritage with one of its founders – Hans Frauscher – becoming the H-boat world champion in 1982. In 2002, Stefan Frauscher achieved the same success. As for the boats the company produces, well, they are nothing short of immaculate.



From luxurious day cruisers like 747 Mirage and elegant 717GT to 909 Benaco and 1017 GT, a supremely stylish sport boat that is constructed to highest standards. Take your pick! Whether you want a spacious racer with powerful 300 hp engines like the 1017 GT or a boat which speed can go up to incredible 56 knots like 747 Mirage, Frauscher Boats will accommodate you fully. There are several other gems that we ought to mention here like 1017 Lido, a 10-metre-long 300 hp beauty with a teak floor and a bathing platform, padded sunbed and carbon design dashboard or h26 yacht which is a high-performance, easily manageable, spacious vessel with a sleek underwater hull design.

Frauscher Boats yacht

Frauscher Boats electric yacht

Regardless of their power and technological supremacy, all of Frauscher’s boats have several common denominators – they are sophisticated, have impressive design, and recognizable style. They are fully customizable and the company’s clients can pick from a wide array of exterior and interior colours. Although based in Austria, the company has distributors all over the world – in Europe, Australia, North America and the Middle East. watch video below

Frauscher Boats manufacturing plant

Frauscher Boats sailboat

Interior of Frauscher Boats

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