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The importance of having a good pillow should never be underestimated. But even an ergonomically perfect pillow cannot serve a variety of different needs and situations. Cue Forever Pillow! This is a brilliant invention by BCXSY, a cooperative between designers Sayaka Yamamoto and Boaz Cohen. Forever Pillow is amazingly versatile and offers interminable possibilities for relaxation.

Inspired by the Möbius strip, a ruled surface with only one side, this pillow can be twisted and turned in every direction to suit your sleeping or resting requirements.

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Forever Pillow is made from 100% environmentally friendly bamboo fabric and it is 3M thinsulated to keep you warm in winter and chilled in summer. It is also breathable, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. When it gets dirty, simply pop it in your washing machine. You can use it for sleeping, as a travel pillow,  support for your neck or back, a quick-nap pillow at work, a feet warmer or an eye mask, a back rest, and even as a noise cancelling cushion. The pillow is produced by a Hong Kong-based company HUZI DESIGN, and it comes in six colours (orange, apricot, beige, navy, taupe and grey) to compliment your bed linen, pajamas or wardrobe.

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BCXSY and HUZI launched the Forever Pillow project on Kickstarter and managed to collect more than their pledged goal of $10,000.

So, if you are felling tired or in dire need of a quick rest, take the Forever Pillow, twist it, wrap it, turn it whichever way you want and indulge yourself in quiet relaxation. watch video below

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