Ford has teamed up with Troller, a Brazilian company that manufactures off-road vehicles, to create the Ford Troller T4. The Troller T4, a result of the Ford T-R Concept, is a proper SUV which makes those ever-popular and present crossovers seem like toys in the off-road world.

The T4 is an apt and basic SUV that is very reminiscent of the likes of the Bronco, or Defender. It has a 3.2l diesel and a six-speed manual – thank god for this – and a 4×4 drive. There is not much information for now, but from what we do know, we can see that the T4 is a real off-roader. It has a high air intake that allows you to drive it in water safely. The interior materials are such that cleaning mud and dirt are easy. Having this as your focus in the interior clearly speaks of the intentions for this vehicle.

The Troller T4 also features high clearance, LED taillights, nice rear spoiler, roof racks and integrated fenders. A proper perk is probably a twin-pane glass roof.

Even though the numbers haven’t been released yet, the 3.2l diesel and very rugged looks and technical solutions tell us that there is a lot to look forward to. We can only hope that the Troller will be available in all markets (the USA not planned for now). [via] watch video below

Ford Troller T4

Ford Troller T4

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