Don’t you just love quirky pieces of furniture which are almost by default great conversation starters? The following tables definitely fit both categories. They are Fontable Tables, created by the Italian design duo Alessandro Canepa and Andrea Paulicelli of Mama Design Lab, who are represented by the renowned Paris gallery Outdoorz. The charming Fontable Tables are actually shaped like three-dimensional letters and numbers allowing us to construct our interior in many different and surprising ways.

The Fontable Tables are manufactured in a Milan studio. They are made from steel with lacquered varnishing, and are available in three types of finishes – chrome, rusted and fluorescent. The table’s legs are anodized aluminum and their height can be adjusted, thus making table surfaces overlap. The modular Fontable Tables allow you to bring out your design playfulness since there are so many combinations and variations to choose from. You can complete words or sequence of numbers that have personal meaning to you, and you can mix and match colours in a creative and fun way.

The tables come in two sizes – 60 cm x 60 cm and 100 cm x 100 cm, while their height can be adjusted in one very simple move, i.e. with a simple twist of their aluminum legs. If you adjust the legs low, the table height will be 35 cm, while if you adjust them in a high position, the table will stand at 36.5 cm high.

The Fontable Tables come in ten different colours – gray, orange, yellow, white, red, magenta, black, cyan, green and blue.

Fontable Table by Mama Design Lab 10

Fontable Table by Mama Design Lab 5

Fontable Table by Mama Design Lab 6

Fontable Table by Mama Design Lab 9

Fontable Table by Mama Design Lab 8

Fontable Table by Mama Design Lab 7

Fontable Table by Mama Design Lab 2

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