It’s mighty hard to find footwear – slippers included – that match your foot perfectly, isn’t it? Well, brace yourself – now those painstaking long-hour shopping tours are about to become ancient history, with Fondue Slipper fresh on the innovative footwear market! Lightweight, comfortable, custom-fit and multifunctional, this pair of original slip-ons by Japanese designer Satsuki Ohata will certainly be your ideal fit, plus they’re super simple to make and maintain.

Drawing on the idea of cheese fondue, i.e. dipping ingredients into a pot of melted cheese for extra-tasty dressing, Ohata did his best to make the Fondue Slipper production process dead easy – just place the mold of your foot in the PVC mass which hardens at 200-300°C (or 392-572 °F), let the material form around it as the unique, personalized form-fitting cast, dry it and it’s immediately ready to use. You can wear your Fondue Slippers at home or even outside, on quick go-to outings around the neighborhood as they are super-resistant and completely waterproof. Thanks to this feature, the Fondue Slippers are washable so they’re extra-simple to maintain as well. The heel of this innovative footwear can be folded so you can use your pair of Fondue Slippers as regular everyday slippers for plodding around the house or you may decide to wear them without folding the heel for outdoor walks, short runs and the like.

The Fondue Slipper project is currently in the early stages of production and Ohata has made only a few different models using his own foot as the mold, but he plans on making household kits which would eventually be delivered to customers who will then be able to make their own creative slippers at home in a matter of minutes. You may even be able to pick your favorite tint too as the final product should be available in a range of colors.

Ohata’s Fondue Slipper indeed takes footwear customization to a whole new level, so you may want to keep on the lookout for the first available delivery date. [via]

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