Fonde rolling pin is the answer to the prayers of those who enjoy ravioli, but hate the process of making them. You will be able to make ravioli by hand going through an easy and even fun process.

The Fonde rolling pin has been made of quality hardwoods, but the designer of the Fonde Michael Finizio is a real supporter of sustainability and he says he plants a hundred trees for each tree that is used to make the Fonde.

Another advantage of the Fonde is its size, or more accurately, the size of all its parts. You will never think the filling is scarce, due to the deep pockets on the pin. Also, the cutting borders are very wide, which means that your ravioli will definitely remain well sealed.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Fonde ravioli pin has been extremely successful and backers will receive various rewards for pledging various sums. The rewards also include planting trees on the behalf of the pledgers, which is a very nice sentiment, and receiving the actual Fondes in several different wood and color variants including maple core with walnut accent, maple core with cherry accent, walnut core with walnut accent and maple core with maple accent. All of these are 17”, but there is also a smaller 6” option.

There are other ravioli rolling pins, but this one is great for several reasons. It looks great, it is sustainable and it works like a charm. So if you like the Fonde ravioli pin, make sure you support the designer on Kickstarter.

watch how Fonde works in the video below

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