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Here is an invention that we can honestly say completely blew our minds and it’s definitely something that we believe you need to invest in. Ever gone on a walk and urgently needed to get somewhere fast but with no transport available? Or, have you needed transport that isn’t only unique but reliable and highly portable? We present to you Impossible by Impossible Technology and yes, it does almost seem impossible. Not pleased with the world’s smallest folding bike it took Impossible Technology three years of hard work, dedication and research to bring you a folding electric bicycle that folds and unfolds in 4 easy steps, namely: “Unlock”, “Combine”, “Pull”, “Put and Lock”.

That’s all you basically need to do to have your electric bike ready for use. To save space the initiative was used to create the carrying case as a triple function part; first for carrying, then to be attached as a seat and as a storage holder for your charger that keeps it dry even on rainy days. When folded, the “Impossible” is that small that it can fit easily into your backpack.

Even though the size may be something truly confounding, this little powerhouse, packed with ten 2900mah 10A 3.6V batteries and a lightweight disc motor, can allow you to glide at a surprising speed of 12.4 MPH for 45 minutes or at a distance of 15.6 miles at normal speed. Riding the impossible electric bike is extremely simple; just point the front wheel in the direction that you want to go and off you zoom.

This is definitely one of the most innovative projects that we have seen on Kickstarter and we highly suggest that you can get involved, get yourself an “Impossible” and you will never have to worry about portable transport again. By the way, the guys from Impossible Technology have already managed to raise 254,587 Canadian dollars via Kickstarter and their pledge was only 55,000. watch video below

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