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When going camping, one of the absolute necessities is a flashlight. And you could use a GPS, a walkie-talkie, charger, or even a radio when you’re looking for some entertainment. Now, can you imagine a device that holds all of these (and so much more) in one portable gadget? Well, it actually exists, and it’s called Fogo. Check out what else it has to offer.

“The Fogo is a durable, waterproof, outdoor gadget with GPS, flashlight, Bluetooth, digital walkie-talkie, and powerful app-based OS.” – say the makers on their website. It’s pretty amazing to think you can bring only one small piece of equipment and have all of these inside. So, whatever happens, whatever you need, you’ll be prepared.

Fogo Flashlight on the ground

This cool gadget is all you’ll ever need for a camping trip.

In addition to those listed above, Fogo has more cool stuff to offer, like a motion detector, a fitness tracker that’ll count your steps and show how much you’ve progressed during your trip, and even a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. You can also attach it to your bike – it has a crash detector too. In case you need to save up battery, you can always use its intelligent lighting feature that’ll make sure you aren’t left stranded without a way to communicate.

Features of Fogo Flashlight

Very practical piece of tech!

Speaking of communicating, did you know that Fogo also offers you the possibility to send SMS from it! Not only that, you can even send an SMS using Fogo from your smartphone when out of reach of any towers – this means you’ll never be out of a way to summon for help – or just marshmallows. You can also share your location with nearby Fogo users. No way anyone’s getting lost this time.

A hand holding Fogo Flashlight

Keep track of everything from your heartbeat to the position of your friends!

It seems that Fogo is a must-have for every camping, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, or any other kind of trip. It will make them more exciting, relaxed and, all in all, awesome. [via]

Get it from Indiegogo here.

A man holding Fogo Flashlight

Get it and never worry about accidents during camping trips again.

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