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If you’re a passionate fisherman and you have always wanted a versatile and light fishing boat, your prayers have just been answered. Flycraft Stealth Boat is a light, versatile, and easy to transport fishing boat. It can be used on all water surfaces, ranging from local streams, lakes, big rivers, and even oceans. It weighs only 98 lbs. so you can take it with you wherever you go.

The Flycraft Stealth Boat was designed primarily for fishing and it comes with many great features. First of all, it’s convenient and versatile. It’s very light and can float in as little as 3-4 inches of water. The rigid floor with basic two layer of PVC armor and four layers in the main wear points provide protection from sharp objects and increase the boat’s durability.

Flycraft Stealth Boat front view

This boat has an armored rigid floor to increase its durability

This fishing boat is great for all water types, thanks to its rigid aluminum frame and the ability to support motors weighing as much as 30 lbs. As for the crew, the boat can accommodate two adults, sitting or standing, as it has dual swiveling seats. The Flycraft Stealth Boat is designed in a way that prevents your lines from tangling, and its reverse lean bar will provide the stability needed to launch your casts far, even in rough waters.

This fishing craft has a 12.5-foot inflatable base that can be deflated so you can even transport it in the trunk of a car. All you need to do is pack the rubber part and the frame in separate boxes and you’re good to go. The boat is also easy to load on a roof rack or a pickup truck bed. You can transport your Flycraft Stealth Boat in any vehicle.

A man in Flycraft Stealth boat on a river

Try out the Flycraft Stealth Boat on fast streams.

The Flycraft Stealth Boat is actually multiple boats in one. It has some properties of a drift boat, it’s as durable as a whitewater raft, as light as a kick boat and it has the maneuverability of a kayak. Depending on your desires and your budget, you can upgrade this fishing boat with many additional accessories for a supreme experience. The basic package is the package A, while with packages B and C you can get even more. Check out the full list of upgrades to customize your boat to satisfy your every desire.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

features of Flycraft Stealth Boat

Check out all the great features of Flycraft Stealth Boat.

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