All EDC items should have a few things in common: they should be compact enough so that carrying them is not a problem, they should be sturdy enough to withstand long time use and they should be multi-functional. An EDC item which has all of these characteristics is the Fly Pry, a titanium multi-tool which is small enough to be, literally, carried on your fly as a zipper pull. That’s pretty impressive on its own, but the creator of the Fly Pry, Flavio Pellegrino, has given it many different functions which will make the need to carry around bulky tools or multi-tools completely obsolete.

How the Fly Pry Came To Be

The Fly Pry material

The Fly Pry is made from titanium which makes it very light, extremely durable and corrosion resistant

Pellegrino came up with the idea for the Fly Pry after needing a bottle opener for his beer with no actual bottle opener in the vicinity. By quickly repurposing a broken sleeping bag zipper pull, he had a fully functional one and decided to improve the idea immensely. The actual Fly Pry is made from 100% titanium because of its amazing durability, light weight and corrosion resistance. It measures 1.25″x.5″ and 1″x.5″ (depending on the type) and weighs next to nothing, which allow you to carry it as a keychain ornament, zipper pull, on your backpack and in any other way you can think of because its small size will probably allow it.

The Tasks the Fly Pry Can Perform

The Fly Pry carrying

The ways in which you can carry this multi-tool are limitless thanks to its small size and attachment point

The Fly Pry can replace a lot of larger tools and multi-tools you need daily. It’s equipped with a chisel edge with a 45 degree angle which can be used as a prying tool, but, as it was sharpened, this side can also be used as a box cutter and even a can opener. The chisel edge is also narrow enough to allow it to be used as a flathead screwdriver. An addition which gives it even more functionality is the 1/4″ hex bit adapter, which can help you around with making use of flat head, Phillips head, torx bit, star bits and many other hex bits.

You should know that there are three types of the Fly Pry: King Pry, Queen Pry, and Micro Pry. The Micro Pry wasn’t equipped with a hex bit adapter but it can perform all of the other tasks we have mentioned. As for the Queen Pry, it can perform all of these tasks but its hex bit adapter is also used as an attachment point for your keychain. The King Pry is not the king for nothing, as it has an attachment point separate from the hex bit adapter and can help you out with a ton of work.

The Fly Pry types

These are the three types of the Fly Pry: King Pry, Queen Pry and Micro Pry

Multi-tools like the Fly Pry are redefining what a tool can be, because it offers many useful ones in a form so compact you won’t even know that it’s there with you. But, when the time for it’s use comes, the Fly Pry won’t fail you. If you are interested in this multi-tool, you can show your support by pledging for this project on Kickstarter or even pre-ordering one for yourself.

Check out the Fly Pry’s Kickstarter promo video.

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