Sitting for hours on end at your office desk or home PC can often leave your back aching, your neck stiff and your muscles strained. Even with a sit-to-stand desk or an ergonomic chair, there’s no denying the fact that we all tend to sit far longer on a daily basis than we should. But is there a way for you to remedy this common modern-day problem without renouncing your work altogether? Enter The Level by FluidStance: a convenient and handsome platform, this cool piece of furniture encourages your body to keep moving and incites you to adjust your position every now and again to keep all your muscle groups actively engaged and in optimal shape as you’re making your way through your dreary desktop work.

Fluidstance Level standing desk

Thanks to the grooves found on the underside of the board frame, The Level prompts your lower body muscles to stay in motion and shift weight to maintain balance in a fashion similar to the movements made when riding a surfboard. Far more efficient than most regular standing desks, The Level manages to get your that vital stretch and workout to prevent unpleasant side-effects of lengthy sitting sessions without distracting you from your work. According to certain research, this cool balance board encourages continual subconscious lower leg motion and increases your leg muscle mobility rate by around 20 times compared to a regular standing position, and it can reportedly even up your heart rate by over 15 percent compared to the rate you have when sitting at your desk.

Fluidstance Level balance board

Fluidstance Level standing desk and balance board

Measuring 26.5 x 12.2 x 2.5 inches (L x W x H), The Level is built from military-grade aluminum and outfitted with a stylish laminated wooden top finish, and it also comes with interchangeable parts like top decks, floating bumpers and base plates for maximum personalization convenience and ease of use. With the weight tipping the scales at as few as 7.5 pounds, The Level can be used literally anywhere – in the office, at home or in the classroom, and it’s sleek enough to fit any interior décor effortlessly. Having successfully raised funds through the FluidStance Indiegogo campaign, The Level is expected to start shipping in May 2015, so you’d better place your order ASAP if you want to take your office multitasking skills to a whole new level – and a whole new plane of movement, too. watch video below

Fluidstance Level standing desk

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