If you are an avid user of iPads, tablets and e-readers, wouldn’t you be interested in knowing which tablet stand was voted “the best tablet stand ever”? After all, stands are an incredibly practical addition if you are using your tablet in bed, on your favourite chair or a sofa or while watching TV. So, “the world’s most elegant / best tablet stand” is Flote M2 Adjustable Floor and Bed Stand.

Don’t take our word for it! This stand has gotten some amazing reviews. Gadgeteer gave it “5 out o 5 stars” while Run Around Tech called it “simply the best iPad stand we’ve had a chance to review”. Flote M2 is a solidly built, well-finished stand that screams quality. Although pretty large in size, it is a polished piece of equipment that assembles in no time. Thanks to its gripper setup, Flote M2 will never “drop” your iPad and it definitely won’t tip over. It has a long telescopic arm which allows plenty of flexibility in positioning. The arm also has a magnetic ball which is serves as a swivel to achieve the desired angle freely and easily.

Flote M2 floor and bed tablet stand

Flote M2 Tablet Stand supports almost any tablet on the market, with or without case. Its heavy duty steel powder-coated construction makes it one of the sturdiest tablet stands on the market. This thing is staying put in its place and it will not move, slide or tip over. The stand is 71 inch (180cm) high with Boom fully extended and it weighs 32.4 lbs (14.7kg). It includes a one-year limited warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. According to its designers, it “enables hours of hands-free, discomfort-free ergonomic use”. We are absolutely confident that you know someone who would enjoy having this elegant yet practical addition to their home, so maybe you should put Flote M2 down on your upcoming holiday gift list. You must have at least one tablet geek in your family.

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