If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to extreme sports, you’re utterly wrong. The floating skateboard ramp on Lake Tahoe lends a new dimension to the skateboarding experience and offers skaters a chance to practice their stunts against an amazing scenic backdrop on Lake Tahoe, California.

The ramp is the outcome of collaboration between Brazilian professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist and designers and builders Jerry Blohm and Jeff King. The project was realized as part of the Dream365 California Tourism Campaign, an initiative started by Visit California with the aim of encouraging more people to visit beautiful places within the state and inspiring them to dream big.

Floating skateboard ramp made out of wood

“Dreaming big man, that’s what I do every day, I just try to dream as big as I can and then go make it happen. You need to believe in something intense enough to go make it happen,” Burnquist said commenting on the project.

It took the team 300 man hours, 1,250 screws and a lot of engineering to set up the spectacular free-floating ramp and successfully tackle a number of issues such as potential leakage, weight, construction and building materials. Although rather massive with the weight at some 7,300 lbs, the ramp is surprisingly stable and floats gracefully on the waters near Bliss State Park on Lake Tahoe, promising unforgettable skating experience to all lovers of skateboarding, sun, water, adrenaline and natural beauty. watch video below

Floating skateboard ramp in Lake Tahoe

Floating skateboard ramp

Floating skateboard ramp in Lake Tahoe

Floating skateboard ramp

Skateboard ramp made of wood

Skateboard ramp at Lake Tahoe

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