You’ve set up your tent, rolled out your sleeping bag, put away your gear-loaded backpack and are looking to get some cozy shuteye by the fire before continuing your hiking trip come early morning sun. Suddenly, you face the horrible realization: your lighter has malfunctioned somewhere along the way, you’ve accidentally misplaced your firesteel, your matches have soaked in the dew or some other nasty liquid and you forgot to bring an extra matchbox. Do not despair, there’s still a way to build the fire and warm up before turning in for the night! With Flint Laces, you will always be able to make a fire and keep out the common cold, anytime, anywhere.

An innovative take on all-stuff-multipurpose in the fast-growing market of smart survival gear and crafty camping equipment, Flint Laces by RattlerStrap look just like another pair of regular bootlaces at first glance. Nevertheless, unlike traditional laces, this pair can literally save your life if you find yourself utterly lost in the big outdoors and shivering all over with unforgiving cold, no sign of civilization in sight and no other fire source at hand.

Shoe laces that hel making a fire

“And just how is that possible? How exactly can a pair of laces save anyone’s life from hypothermia?”, you may ask in a skeptical tone. Well, the trick is quite simple: each lace tip holds a one-inch rubber-encased ferro rod (which means four ferro rods per pair of laces) which, when struck with a steel edge, can produce a spark strong enough to start a fire on the spot. That’s a mighty useful outdoorsy feature you didn’t even see coming in such an inconspicuous package, did you now?

Perfect for hiking and backcountry boots and available in several different sizes, Flint Laces will make sure you have a handy fire-starter alternative to matches and lighters whenever you need the benefits of a cozy camp fire. watch video below

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Flint survival shoe laces

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