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Flectr is a wheel reflector that’s specially designed to improve safety for cyclists. When you compare it to the other ones you can find on the market you’ll learn that Flectr is able to provide both extremely good aerodynamics and great levels of reflection.

The shape of Flectr is designed to avoid air drag and was tested with incident flow velocities of up to 100 mph. With only 0.024 oz it won’t influence the balance of the wheel. Also, Flectr features advanced reflection technology that contains thousands of micro prisms. Not to forget that it looks really cool, just like a small silver flag.

Flectr On A Wheel

Flectr uses advanced reflection technology to increase safety for cyclists.

It’s very simple to set up Flectr. You don’t need tools, just remove the foil carrier and it attaches easily. You can mount it wherever you wish. There’s one more important thing to know and it’s that these reflectors can perform great in wet conditions. This means that after a muddy ride feel free to clean it with a hose.

Riding A Bike With Flectr On Wheels

It’s tested with incident flow velocities of up to 100 mph and performs great in wet conditions.

Flectr is currently being funded on Kickstarter. The campaign has been a success, shipping will start at the end of June and in the future, you’ll be able to get a wheel magnet edition as well. watch video below

Check out this video and see Flectr in action. 

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