Human beings as we are, we need not be full-scale hoarders to run out of storage space – in our limited-size urban dwellings, it’s enough to have just one too many tool box, an extra dresser or a couple of overpopulated book shelves and you’re already scratching at walls for extra packing room. And if your apartment or garage is already way too crammed with random stuff but you simply can’t afford to leave your bike outside, you might want to consider hiring a team of professionals to drill out some holes, do some engineering and finally end your storage suffering – but before you go and ring demolition experts, take a look at Flat-bike-lift. A genuine space-saver, Flat-bike-lift is an innovative system that allows you to safely mount your bicycle overhead, thus minimizing the ground floor footprint necessary for storing your beloved two-wheeler indoors.

Ideal for any small flat or garage, Flat-bike-lift comes in the shape of a hydro-pneumatic overhead bike rack that provides an incredible horizontal-position parking capability for your bicycle. In standard-sized garages with wall height at around 240 centimeters, the Flat-bike-lift wheel rail is positioned 67 centimeters off the ground, while the beam of the storing mechanism in the horizontal parking position stands at 42.5 centimeters away from the ceiling (optional extension is available for fitting your Flat-bike-lift rails into rooms with non-standard measurements, i.e. taller walls or lower ceiling).

Flat-Bike-Lift Storage System

Once you safely load and strap your bike onto the rack, simply push the button on the remote control to activate the Flat-bike-lift mechanism which then lifts the bike up and places it in a horizontal position. During the low-speed driven automatic upstroke, the Flat-bike-lift beam makes a 145 centimeter turn-radius, parking your bike flat against the ceiling. And when you decide to take your two-wheeler for a ride around town again, simply press the button and Flat-bike-lift will automatically unpark your bike from its horizontal storage system and put it into the vertical position so you can unload it in a flash. Flat-bike-lift is compatible with almost all bike types so you need not worry about special sizes and bicycle types.

Simple, hassle-free and space-saving, Flat-bike-lift is all you need device-wise to park your bike against the ceiling and keep the place neat and tidy, so make sure you order your innovative bike storage system as soon as you can say ‘Up and away!’. watch the video below

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Flat-Bike-Lift Storage System

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