Whether you are one of those people who would dare to go camping in Finland, Iceland, or Alaska or you’d rather just experience winter atmosphere of your  own backyard or nearby forest Fjallraven Polar -30 degree sleeping bag is the best solution for cold nights (up to -30 degrees).

Designers of this extraordinary sleeping bag have put the well being of their customers in the first place. Therefore they thought about creating a remarkably insulated sleeping bag that would unquestionably keep you warm even in the coldest nights. Having had that in mind they padded it with the finest down organized in box channels.

Fjallraven Polar -30 degree sleeping bag is furthermore very compressible and comes with a specially designed hood, which both contributes to body mobility and temperature maintenance. As well as the warmest Fjallarven jackets, the hood of this sleeping bag has removable synthetic fur brim that will reduce heat dissipation.

Accessibility and aeration of the bag are assured by a two-way zipper placed on the left side, while the shorter, right-side zipper enables you to adjust your gear while in sitting position since it sets your arms and your upper-body free.

Fjallraven -30 degree sleeping bag

This waterproof sleeping bag also has zipper cover which is easily fastened with press buttons and may serve as substitution if the zipper stops working. In that way safeness in the most extreme conditions is guaranteed.

Along with this great sleeping bag, which can be up to 180cm long, comes spacious bag for storing your gear.

We can all agree that the price between 900$ and 1000$ is more than acceptable if we take into account that we are talking about extremely safe, high-quality sleeping bag. You can purchase it on Amazon.

If you are into winter sports, ice art or winter atmosphere in general Fjallraven Polar -30 degree sleeping bag is the necessary equipment which will bring your winter adventure on higher level.

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-30 degree sleeping bag

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