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Having the right tools is the first step towards completing a job. Hammers are the essential part of every toolbox, so naturally, they have to be durable and also comfortable to use. These IsoCore Hammers by Fiskars are designed in a way that they reduce the vibration which is transferred to your arm when you’re hammering something.

Fiskars is a well-known company that makes all kinds of tools including both hammers and sledgehammers. When it comes to reducing vibration, handles are the most important part of the tool. Fiskars IsoCore hammers are provided with a dual layer handle and insulating sleeve in order to almost completely eliminate the unpleasant vibration caused by striking down nails or hammering down walls. All sorts of injuries can be caused by vibrations during construction work, and these special handles will probably save you from tendonitis.

3 hammers captured from the front.

Fiskars made hammers with a special double layer handle that reduces the unpleasant vibrations.

Head of the hammer captured from the side.

These hammers have a head specially designed to reduce the noise caused by hammering nails.

IsoCore technology and an insulation sleeve are able to reduce the vibration up to 4 times more than the traditional wood-handled hammers and tools. Also, these hammers are featuring a slip-reducing flare and an extended grip for better control and precision during work. The grip is made of soft and comfortable and iconic orange rubber, so you don’t have to worry about having the palm of your hand covered with blisters at the end of the day. Fiskars also made these hammers safe. For example, their sledgehammers feature a special wedge profile that directs debris to the side instead of sending them back at you when you strike down.

Hammer, sledgehammer and maul captured from the front.

Fiskars also produces finishing hammers, mauls and sledgehammers.

The head of the sledgehammer captured from the side.

Head of the Fiskars sledgehammer is designed in a way to keep debris from falling on you during demolition.

When it comes to the head of these Fiskars hammers, they are equipped with a nail insertion notch for improved precision. Heads are also featuring an addition that reduces the high-pitched ringing that occurs when you strike a nail down. You can, of course, choose between milled and smooth faces, depending on the nature of your work. Besides these regular hammers, Fiskars also produces sledgehammers that are great for demolition jobs, “finishing” hammers for more delicate work and IsoCore mauls for splitting wood purposes.

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Heads of the Fiskars tools captured from the front.

These special IsoCore handles will deliver 4 times less vibration compared to the traditional wood-handled tools.

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