Firesleeve | Waterproof Lighter Case


A lighter can be one of the most useful survival tools you can have, but it means very little if it gets soaked in water. In order to prevent this, consider using fireSLEEVE from Exotac, a waterproof lighter case which upgrades your lighter into an always reliable lighter with a few other interesting perks as well. The fireSLEEVE is made from a fully waterproof high quality polymer and it fits standard sized Bic lighters. It was extensively field tested in order to ensure that it can keep your lighter dry even in the harshest of conditions so you can rest assured that your lighter won’t fail you in a survival situation.

fireSLEEVE color variants

fireSLEEVE is available in orange and black

The fireSLEEVE comes with a few very useful features as well. It has a cap which, after it’s screwed on, won’t come off easily and will prevent pressing the gas button accidentally. Another nifty feature regarding the gas button is the gas lock. You can use this lock to keep the lighter flame going as long as you need to, without burning your fingers.

fireSLEEVE gas lock

The fireSLEEVE has a gas lock which will allow you to keep your fingers away from the flame and still use the lighter

In order to make it a viable every-day-carry item, the fireSLEEVE also has attachment points on both its cap and bottom so you can carry it along with your keys or hooked on your backpack. And for those of you who consider style a very important factor as well, you’ll be glad to know that the fireSLEEVE is available in black and orange. [via]

Get it from Huckberry here

fireSLEEVE EDC item

The fireSLEEVE can turn your lighter into an important EDC item

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