Here’s one of those brilliantly simple space-saving ideas for urban dwellers who also happen to have a green thumb or are struggling to find enough room for their books. The product is called Fire Escape Shelf and it is designed by Chiasso. The shelf resembles one of the most classic elements of an urban landscape – a fire escape. This wall-mounted shelf is practical, cleverly made and hey, placing things on it does not break any fire codes.

Fire Escape Shelf actually comprises of three shelves with each shelf being twelve inches wide and four inches deep. The complete setup is twenty-four inches tall. The shelf is made from hand-welded epoxy-coated steel and you can use it to store just about any knick-knack that comes to your mind – from books, candles and magazines to photographs, houseplants, wall art and even action figures. Fire Escape Shelf is strong, functional and stable, and it has much more personality than an ordinary, run-of-the-mill slab of wood that you hang on your walls.

The designer says that Fire Escape Shelf is perfect for both “homegrown and transplanted big city hipsters” and we couldn’t agree more. Should you need more rack space, you can add hooks onto these ladders and use them to hang all sorts of things.

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Fire escape shelfing

Fire escape shelf

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