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Fire Disc Grills are specifically designed to make cooking easier. They are perfect for camping, fishing trips and barbecues in the backyard. This means these grills are highly portable and easy to set up.

Fire Disc Grills are made from the highest quality carbon steel that won’t rust, dent or break. They’re made for every type of environment and designed to last long. The company is very proud of the high-quality of these grills, they even dare customers to push their grills to the limits.

Fire Disc Grills Two Sizes

Fire Disc Grills come in two sizes- 36-inch tall and 24-inch tall grill.

These gas grills have no screws, nuts or bolts. You can collapse the grill to three pieces down to a mere 5-inches, easily put in the trunk of your vehicle and transport it with you. Fire Disc Grills use both small and large propane tanks and have durable welded handles. Each grill has an ultra high carbon steel heat ring and three surface sectors for high, medium and low temperatures.

Fire Disc Grills Surface Temperature Sectors

Fire Disc Grills have a 22-inch disc diameter and the three surface temperature sectors.

Regarding the taste of the food, there’s always the debate of using a charcoal grill over gas grills. This is why Fire Disc Grills developed the “seasoning effect” that will improve the flavor of the food every time you cook. To get the best effect, it’s recommended that you clean it regularly. This won’t be a hassle at all since they are very easy to clean. To preserve the surface, just rinse, dry and wipe it with oil.

Fire Disc Grills come in two sizes. There’s the original one that’s 36 inch tall with a 22-inch disc diameter. For those who want a smaller version, there’s a FireDisc Mini that’s 24 inches tall with the same 22-inch diameter. They come in red and black.

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