Fimbulvetr is a Norwegian company that specializes in winter footwear. Name of the company means the Great Winter in Old Norse and their Snowshoes are definitely something that will help you deal with deplorable winter conditions.

These strange looking snowshoes are a product of high-end materials and advanced technologies. The body is made of thermoplastic elastomer and the binding hinge is based on an innovative system that is simple, yet dependable. In combination, these features form a snowshoe that is light, sturdy, reliable, but also reliable and devoid of breakable parts.

The mentioned elastomer is renowned for its simultaneous strength and flexibility. The snowshoe is shaped like a foot and it features a honeycomb pattern. This unusual solution for a shoe ensured significant weight reduction and comfort, but still preserving torsional strength and flotation. Curved profile also prevents the tip from sinking into the snow.

White Fimbulvetr Snowshoes

The hinge is also innovative and as amazing as the frame. It is a patented all-direction hinge that is completely different from any other. It works like a shock-absorbing spring that actually allows foot movement in almost any direction, rather than locking your foot into a particular position allowing only up-down motion. This might actually be the biggest advantage of this product.

This kind of a setup allows better movement and more comfort during ascends and descends alike. Cutting inclines has never been so easy and comfortable.

However, this many innovations do come with a price. Outside Europe the Fimbulvetr snowshoes will come at $500 and will be available in three colors – black, red or gray. [via] watch video below

Fimbulvetr Snowshoes packaging

Fimbulvetr Snowshoes

Fimbulvetr Snowshoes

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