Filson XtraTuf Legacy Boot


Filson teamed up with XtraTuf, a company that makes waterproof footwear, to develop the ultimate fishing boot. Filson XtraTuf Legacy Boots are perfect for wet conditions and slippery surfaces. Besides fishing, they can be used for different kinds of fieldwork.

These heavy-duty boots are triple-dipped with a seamless design. They perform great and they’ll make sure your feet stay dry in literally any weather condition. Filson XtraTuf Legacy Boots are rated to -10 degrees Fahrenheit and have a hand-layered construction that will keep the boots flexible whenever you’re on the move.

Brown Filson XtraTuf Legacy Boots

Filson XtraTuf Legacy Boots are waterproof and have a flexible construction.

These boots are made from a blend of rubber and neoprene. The outsole and heel have a special design that will protect you from slipping on wet surfaces but also from different corrosives and contaminants.

Filson XtraTuf Legacy Boots feature a built-in cushion insole with an arch support and shock absorption properties. The insole dries very quickly and it’s very breathable. With 15″ you can easily tuck in pants and base layers.

Wearing the Filson XtraTuf Legacy Boots

Filson XtraTuf Legacy Boots protect from slippery surfaces, corrosives and contaminants.

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