Filson Men’s Water-Repellant Uplander Boot


The winter season may be coming, but that doesn’t mean that hunting and hiking season have to be over. Not if you have the Filson Water-repellant Uplander Boots. Hunting and hiking can be even more challenging and fun during the autumn and winter, that is of course if you have the right equipment.

This extraordinary men’s boot from Filson is simply made to endure the hardest weather conditions out there. It doesn’t matter if the surface is wet, muddy, or even frozen solid, these boots will keep you warm and safe during your adventure. The boot is 100% made of natural, non-processed leather and because of that it’s very strong and durable but highly flexible and comfortable during long walks.

Filson Men's Water-repellant Uplander Boot Unlaced

This boot is strong and durable, made for any weather conditions.

The leather is completely oil-tanned so the water and all other moisture simply can’t get to your foot. It’s 100% water-repellent. Even the inner part of the boot is covered with waterproof leather, so there is absolutely no chance that your feet will ever get wet while you walk in these boots. The outer sole of these amazing boots is covered with strong and firm rubber that will provide the necessary support and balance when walking across rugged terrain.

The inner part of the boot’s sole or the “footbed” is made from cork. The cork part consists of tiny air pockets that will prevent and stop any kind of shock while walking. That will allow you to walk across the roughest surfaces and still feel comfortable inside your boot. These footbeds are easily removable when you need to clean them.

The pair of worn out Filson Men's Water-repellant Uplander Boots

You’ll be comfortable in them, even on rough surfaces.

These American-made Filson Men’s Water-repellant Uplander Boots are designed to look rugged and elegant at the same time. That is exactly the way these boots look and feel on your feet. You will look cool and sophisticated, but you will also have amazing support and comfort while walking.

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