Few Tips to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

The air you breathe inside of your home can be filled with all kinds of irritants and airborne issues if you aren’t careful. People bring in particles when they come inside, your air systems are constantly pumping in airflow from outside, and even your houseplants may become to develop harmful molds. There are plenty of ways for the air inside of your home to dip[ in quality leading to breathing problems and serious health issues over time. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make sure the air quality inside of your home stays clean and clear.

Keep Your Home Clean

Of course, it helps to vacuum up around the house to clean out any dust that’s built up. You’ll need to vacuum the same spots a few times before you can be sure that they are thoroughly cleaned. You will also want to follow up a good vacuuming by mopping afterward. Focus on high traffic areas and don’t forget to vacuum along walls and upholstered furniture. The carpets and rugs in a house are also practically air filters considering how much they trap airborne dust and other particles. Clean these weekly and vacuum twice a week for the best results.

Be sure to keep mats in front of your home’s doors too. People can unwittingly bring in any number of particles and chemicals when they come in. Having them wipe their shoes on a mat helps reduce the issues they bring into a home.

Maintain Proper Humidity and Your Houseplants

The humidity in your home can determine whether or not all kinds of mites and molds are cultivated indoors. It is a problem that is especially problematic during the Summer months when the heat raises the humidity inside a home naturally. You will want to avoid this by using dehumidifies, fixing your plumbing, and keeping your windows closed. You will also want to keep an eye on your houseplants.

If not properly taken care of, your houseplants can be breeding grounds for all kinds of molds. They can also pull contaminants out of the air, so if properly taken care of your plants can help raise your home’s air quality. Make sure not to overwater your plants and keep a balanced amount of humidity in your home so they help instead of hurt air quality.

Replace Old Air Filters

The air filters in your home need maintenance over time to make sure air is going through them is cleaned properly. The air filters in your home trap airborne irritants ina tight mesh weaving that keeps airflow coming through while irritants stay behind. But these irritants build up over time and eventually the filters will become clogged. Changing air filters is an important part of keeping the air in your home clean. Otherwise, the airflow becomes blocked and your air systems become strained.

Blocked airflow forces your HVAC systems to use more energy to push the air through. More energy means higher energy billing and possible damages as the system continues to be strained. It’s important to replace air filters over time to make sure the air inside your home stays clean and your air systems keep working properly.

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