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As much as curtains, upholstery, rugs and carpets add warmth and aesthetic value to one’s home, let’s face it, they are perfect habitats for dust mites and other creepy crawlies which can make allergy-prone people suffer tremendously. Thanks to a Dutch design studio called Siem-Pabon, you can now have a carpet which is guaranteed not to induce any allergies since you can, believe it or not, heat it to 60˚C once every two months which kills dust mites. The carpet is called Fervent and if you are wondering how on earth can you heat the entire carpet to the temperature of 60˚C, please read on.

Fervent Carpet resembles an uninterrupted spiral of tightly woven material which has a hydraulic connection that serves as a link to a heat source like a radiator. Basically, all you need to do is to attach the hydraulic extension to the radiator in your home and let the heat do the rest. The unique spiral design of the carpet allows for the heat to be distributed evenly thus efficiently killing allergy-inducing pests.

Fervent Carpet by Siem-Pabon

Considering that 235 million people worldwide suffer from asthma, investing in allergen-free carpet sounds quite prudent. Before designing Fervent Carpet, Siem-Pabon carried out research into the effects that textiles and various other materials have on home environment. The design studio founders Anne Pabon and Siem Lenders say that during the research they came across cross an asthmatic person. “Because of his disease he is not able to use textiles like rugs, couches and curtains so his house felt very impersonal and unsociable. We found it challenging to give him back textiles, so he also would be able to make it homey and cozy for himself without having allergic reactions all the time,” they said.

Fervent Carpet comes in two colours – blue and green. The carpet will be exhibited at the Dutch Design Week which will take place between 18th and 26th October in Eindhoven.

Fervent Carpet by Siem-Pabon Fervent Carpet by Siem-Pabon

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