Ferrets and Dog Food: Separating Fact from Fiction

Although not the most popular pet in America, ferrets are certainly having a moment in the sun. Around 3% of American households include a ferret, which just goes to show how these plucky little guys are finally being recognized for just how lovable they are.

While ferrets are popular precisely because they are low-maintenance, there are some persistent questions about the do’s and don’ts of the ferret diet. Namely, “Can ferrets eat dog food?”. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Ferret Dietary Requirements

First off, let’s break down what ferrets actually need to survive and thrive. Ferrets are almost exclusively carnivorous – they are obligate carnivores. They eat meat, and they love it.

They need huge amounts of protein compared to mammals of similar sizes. In a natural ferret habitat in the wild, a ferrer will prey on rats, mice, and small birds. Not only that, but they will eat every single part of the animal.
During a ferret feeding frenzy, a pack will gobble down the bones, fur, claws, and anything else until there is literally nothing left of the animal. That should give you a pretty clear idea of what food for ferrets includes.

Can Ferrets Eat Dog Food?

Since they love their meat, you’d think dog food would be OK. However, this is not the case. Do not feed your ferret dog food.

First of all, it simply does not have enough protein or other nutrients to fulfill the basic dietary requirements of the ferret. Commercial dog food also contains filler ingredients such as wheat, soy, and corn that ferrets literally cannot digest.

This can and will make your ferret sick, and may lead to lasting health problems. Simply do not feed your ferret dog food.

What Can a Ferret Eat?

Luckily, the best food for ferrets is easily available across the country. In their natural habitat, ferrets love their vermin. This means you should consider stocking up on dead or frozen mice and rats to feed your ferret.
In fact, you can even find frozen multicolor rats for sale online these days, to fill up your freezer in just a couple of clicks. Your ferret will love you for it.

You can also feed ferrets raw meat straight out of the packet – this is great for their coats if you want to ensure a lovely shine. In smaller amounts, you can feed your ferret chicken, turkey necks, eggs, and canned tuna.

Find the Best for Your Pet

Asking “can ferrets eat dog food?” is not a dumb question. It’s one that comes from a concern to ensure that your furry friend gets the best.
While you shouldn’t feed your ferret dog food, it’s good to know that there is a wide range of food and treats that your ferret will love.

For more tips on what to get for your pet, we have got you covered. Our product buying guides and reviews offer expert insights into what is truly best for your pet.

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