Space-saving furniture has been in huge demand by city dwellers because of its flexibility and versatility. Feel Seating Deluxe, made by Animi Causa, is one of those molecular furniture pieces that transforms with the changing emotional state of the body. Feel Seating Deluxe can shift into many different shapes and sizes, making it incredibly diverse and cosy. You can fold it and mold it any way you like.

This seating system is made of 120 plush soft balls which you can lay, sit or lounge on. Feel Seating comes in bright red and blue colour which will lighten any room. The balls are made of 100% foam, while the upholstery is made of special stretch fabric. Although this sectional sofa might be too risqué for some, its comfort is undeniable. The dimensions of Feel Seating Deluxe are 220 x 180 cm (balls are 20 cm in diameter).

You can purchase Feel Seating Deluxe at Animi Causa.

A woman sleeping on a blue Feel Seating Deluxe by Animi Causa

2 images of the red Feel Seating deluxe by Animi Causa with a woman lying down on top of it

6 images of a woman sitting and lying down on blue and red Feel Seating deluxe by Animi Causa

[images via Anima Causa]

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