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Lately we have been seeing people become more creative; some of this is due to technological enhancements, like the Microsoft Studio, and others, because of innovative design. One of those designs is definitely the Febo Solar Brush/Engraver.

Febo quite literally uses the power of the sun to create art. It also works on a variety of different materials.

So, if you were looking for a new way to create a unique masterpiece, Febo would be the way to go.

Febo Solar Brush being used to engrave a drawing

Simply draw out your design, keep the sun at your back, and start engraving. Because the sunlight differs in different weather conditions, you’ll get a unique engraving each time.

Febo functions much like a magnifying glass, but is designed to work in a very different manner. Essentially, it is a proper tool that was designed to make each of your drawings completely unique. It is also a way of making permanent art. Some of the materials that can be used are leather, wood, cork, cardboard, plywood, and anything else that can burn dark without catching fire. Check out the video below.

Different drawings made with the Febo Solar Brush

As you get used to using it, your drawing can become all the more complex and detailed.

To use it, simply keep the sun behind your back and tilt the surface at 90-degrees to it. Remove the safety filter and Febo starts engraving almost immediately. Due to the unique base design, you can always keep track of your design and allow your imagination to flow.

Engraving done on cork with the Febo Solar Brush

Febo can be used to engrave a variety of materials – from wood to cork, and even plywood and leather. Let your imagination run wild.

Febo also comes with a pair of rollable lenses that fits to the contours of every individual’s face. It gives you 100% UV protection with only 6-8% visible light transmission; this protects your eyes while you draw. If you’re not that good at drawing, no need to fret, Febo comes with a set of stencils to get you going. If you draw with a pencil, your masterpiece goes even quicker. [via]

Images are courtesy of Vagabomb.

Close up of the deer skull done with the Febo Solar Brush

Febo’s unique design also gives you superb control for finer details.

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