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Since released, F*ck Feelings became New York Times Bestseller and very popular among the critics. This therapy book was written by a Harvard-educated shrink and his daughter that writes comedy. Together, they wrote how to make your life easier by doing best with what you can control. And for the things you can’t, just say F*ck it.

It’s all about being realistic. Once you realize there are things you want to change, but simply can’t, you should embrace that and move on. F*ck Feelings is both helpful and funny. It balances the two very well, so you’ll get some of the best possible advices on life and still giggle while reading.

F*ck Feelings Quote

A quote from the book.

What makes this self-help book different than the others is definitely the approach. You often read how you should handle emotions and make the most of your abilities, but this one says- know your limits and don’t spend too much time examining emotions.

To sum up F*ck Feelings in one sentence, it’s best to use something directly from it: “In our world, feelings don’t rule, many things can’t be changed, and acceptance of limits, not limitless self-improvement, is the key to moving forward and dealing effectively with any and all crap that life can throw your way.”

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