Fashion is About More than Clothes

Fashion can be a big part of your identity. It can form the basis for so many first impressions — sometimes working to your favor, sometimes not. The right look can help people view you as more competent or successful while even something as small as leaving a button undone can destroy that perception. Keep the details in mind as you figure out your look.
Let’s start with fashion.

Defining Fashion

When you hear the word “fashion,” what comes to mind? If you said clothing or even shoes, you aren’t alone. The idea that fashion is solely a function of the clothes you wear is not a new idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. Some of the most fashionable people in history took a much broader view of the word.
“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only,” said famous couture designer Coco Chanel. “Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” In other words, the essence of fashion or style is multifaceted. Makeup, skin care, hair, accessories, and the way you wear it all contributes to your overall fashion sense.

Showing Off Your Identity

Look at your clothes. They do more than help you be “in style.” They also help you establish your identity. While you may not want to veer too far from “the norm” for your industry or your neighborhood or risk losing clout, small flourishes can help you show off your personality. The fabric, texture, and colors of your garments can project your roots and explain who you are on a fundamental level. Patterns, textures, and color choices can demonstrate your cultural influences, while the items you pick also demonstrate your creativity and your level of individuality.

Don’t Skip the Beauty Department

You also need to keep in mind that the face you present to the world counts just as much as the clothes you wear. Fashion retailers try to remain relevant, but the beauty department is where it is all about who you are. You don’t have to squeeze into skinny jeans or have the newest handbag to be “in” — all you need is the right shade of lipstick. In the age of the selfie, being camera-ready is more important than wearing a label, and it shows when you look at sales. Despite cooling retail trends in fashion, cosmetics, as well as perfumes and skin care, are growing at a rate of 7 percent per year and makeup at 13 percent, according to market research firm NPD Group.

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As you look at your own fashion, try to go beyond your clothing. While the pieces you wear contribute to your overall look and the perceptions people form, they are only a small piece of what style or fashion really is. You should absolutely remember your individuality but staying on top of trends will also help your look stay up-to-date. Makeup is a big part of that, and having an eye for fashion forwardness can help you get there.

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