‘Fallen Tree‘ Bench By Benjamin Graindorge

Design Miami, which took place from June 11 to June 16, offered some outstanding ideas but young French designer Benjamin Graindorge’s ‘Fallen Tree’ bench really stood out. Basically it is a piece of furniture that is half tree, half bench. It has two constituent parts – oak wood and glass – which are perfectly combined to create this remarkable piece of furniture with practical function and conspicuous design.

The idea behind this project was to emphasize the nature of wood as a living substance, or as the artist said it himself “Wood is a living material, the industrial tool I use as a designer has rationalized it, and it has become an effective material. According to the Benjamin Graindorge “The ‘Fallen Tree’ bench is intended to reveal the wood’s DNA, to express its deepest nature by attempting to highlight the living fiber it is made of, I want to expose and bring it to life to reveal its primal identity: strong, indomitable and above all magnificent.”

Front view of the "Fallen Tree" bench by Benjamin Graindorge

closeup view of the branches on the "Fallen Tree" bench by Benjamin Graindorge

Closeup view of the left side of the "Fallen Tree" bench by Benjamin Graindorge

closeup view of where the branches attach to the "Fallen Tree" bench

3 different views of the "Fallen Tree" bench by Benjamin Graindorge in a room

[images via Benjamin Graindorge]

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