Fabric FLR30 Bicycle Brake Light


Cycling is amazing exercise; it keeps you fit and toned. There is also nothing quite like cruising around on your cycle, the wind flowing over your face, and you feeling the power emanating from your legs. The one major downfall of bicycles is, unfortunately, motor vehicles on the road. Cyclists are sometimes difficult to see and predict. Well, to make things safer for you, Fabric has released their FLR30 Bicycle Brake Light!

Designed to be compact, and effective, the FLR30 will alert those behind you that you are slowing down, thus increasing your visibility and thus your safety.

Fabric FLR30 Bicycle Brake Light mounted on the back fork of a bicycle

The FLR30 uses an accelerometer to detect a change in speed and increases its brightness.

It does this by using its built-in accelerometer. When you slow down, the accelerometer detects the change in speed, and increases its brightness. It serves a dual purpose by allowing traffic to see whether you are slowing down, or if you are stopped. Check out the video below.

Fabric FLR30 Bicycle Brake Light mounted on a bicycle seat and the back of a helmet

Due to its universal mounting system, the FLR30 can be mounted anywhere; including the back of your helmet.

In addition to this, it is compact, USB rechargeable, has a battery life between 8 and 12 hours depending on the setting, and can be mounted in multiple positions. The FLR30 measures 23mm wide x 74mm long and comes with an IPX5 waterproof rating and a universal mount with a rubber strap. [via]

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