Apart from those pleasant and refreshing summer showers, we can’t imagine that anyone in particular can enjoy rain. Even though we are aware of its importance, it doesn’t mean that we’re super thrilled about it when we have to go outside during a huge downpour. Luckily for all of us who share my opinion, there is an awesome way to express our frustrations with the F*&% The Rain Umbrella, designed specifically to protest unpleasant weather with a large image of a middle finger printed on it. This umbrella was designed by two Russian designers, Artemy Lebedev and Anton Schnaider, who have decided to collaborate on this amusing project.

F*&% The Rain Umbrella

Order in bulk for mass protests

The umbrella itself is Chinese made and comes equipped with an open and close button, a carabiner handle and is made from 100% polyester. However, if there is any interest in buying this umbrella it will probably be because of the huge middle finger pointing up at the sky. This amusing umbrella can be yours for a little over 20 dollars so you can be ready when summer’s over and rain replaces warm and sunny weather.

Get it from Amazon here.

F*&% The Rain Umbrella

F*&% the, uhm, rain?

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