EXYRA Eyewear | The Stylish Solution For Digital Eyestrain


As our world becomes all the more digitized, we are becoming more aware of health problems that are of direct consequence of technology. The biggest being, digital eyestrain. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that most adults spend more than 5 hours a day looking at digital screens. However, we finally have a method to overcome that without compromising on style. Introducing the EXYRA Eyewear!

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Digital eyestrain can cause a variety of problems, including, sore, tired, burning or dry eyes, blurry vision, and even headaches. Thankfully, EXYRA combats them all while making you look professional.

Different filters that are built into the EXYRA glasses

EXYRA lenses come with a variety of different coatings that protect your eyes, reduce fatigue, optimize vision, and ensures the longevity of your glasses.

The main culprit to digital eyestrain comes from the Blue Light that is emitted by our electronic devices. Since it is very close to the light wavelengths of UV light, it can be quite damaging, and cause all of the above-mentioned problems. EXYRA Eyewear is designed to optimize vision, while reflecting all blue light, when looking at digital screens. Thus, eliminating all eyestrain. Check out the video below.

Man wearing EXYRA glasses while looking at a tablet

Say goodbye to orange-tinted glasses! EXYRA is designed to look professional, all the time.

The EXYRA lenses are precision-engineered to reflect and absorb high energy blue light, and UV light, while still allowing blue-turquoise light to enter. Basically, it means that it enhances proper color perception and wakefulness. In addition, these lenses are also fitted with an anti-fatigue, anti-glare, and anti-scratch coating, that will allow you to work for longer hours, without any problems. It should be noted that the anti-fatigue coating of the EXYRA lenses increases magnification, reducing the amount of work your eyes have to do.

All in all, these glasses are clear, look professional, and are available in 6 different styles suited for men and women. But you better hurry to get yourself a great deal on their Kickstarter campaign!

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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