Exposed | A Motorcycle Bivouac

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Exposed created a companion for motorcycle lovers that are often on the road. The Exposed Bivouac provides shelter and enables you to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. The motorcycle is used as a supporting structure for the bivouac that will at the same time protect it from rain.

Exposed Bivouac is made from durable Cordura fabric and comes with aluminium poles and a carry bag. This material is carefully chosen, in order for the bivouac to last for many years to come. The bivouac is highly functional and compact. When rolled, it takes only 15cm in diameter and 45cm in width. This size is perfect for carrying it with you when on the motorcycle and the leather binding strap is useful for mounting.

A Guy Setting Up Exposed Bivouac

Exposed Bivouac uses the motorcycle as a supporting structure and protects it from rain.

When set up, Exposed Bivouac provides enough room for one person and luggage. There’s one zippered vent and you can access luggage easily from one side. This bivouac can accommodate to different motorcycle heights and protects the seat of the motorcycle in case it starts raining.

Three Images Of Exposed Bivouac

Exposed Bivouac is made from durable Cordura fabric, and when set up, can fit one person and luggage.

Each bivouac is handmade in Switzerland and designed by the group of guys, outdoor and motorcycle enthusiasts. Exposed Bivouac is currently funded on Kickstarter and it already reached its goal.

Check out this video to see Exposed Bivouac in action.

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