Explore Cisco 300-435 Concentration Test for CCNP Enterprise Certification Using Exam Dumps

The Cisco 300-435 ENAUTO exam is part of the requirements for obtaining the following certifications: CCNP Enterprise; Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Enterprise Automation & Programmability; Cisco Certified DevNet Professional. The individuals pursuing any of these credentials will have to take this test (or others from the list that is available on the official website of Cisco) and the core exam (350-401 ENCOR) if they want to be the certificate holders.

The Cisco 300-435 certification exam will be available from February 24, 2020. It is essential to mention that the resources for it are currently unavailable on the Cisco certification page at the time of this writing, but it is believed that before the end of 2019, the recommended preparation resources will be open. Additionally, the instructor-led training course recommended for this test is Implementing Automation for Cisco Enterprise Solutions – ENAUI. This training is also not yet available but it will be released soon and can be accessed through one of the authorized learning partners of Cisco. Besides, you can also check Exam-Labs to review the study materials for 300-435 ENAUTO. This platform will provide you with various preparation tools, but its peculiar feature is an exam simulator. This test engine will help you explore the exam without leaving your room as it simulates the real test atmosphere. You will know your weak areas and improve them to the actual exam.


Key Details of Cisco 300-435 Exam

Cisco 300-435 is one of the exams that the professionals must pass in order to earn one of the mentioned credentials. This 90-minute test is designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills of the candidates in the implementation of enterprise automated solutions, which include Python programming; programming concepts; controllers; automation tools; application programming interfaces. Cisco has highlighted the specific topics that the test takers must study in order to adequately prepare for the exam. You must cover every component of all the subjects before you attempt the test to ensure your success. You don’t have to worry though; you will be able to explore numerous resource tools, including training courses, practice tests, and the simulator from Exam-Labs.

Below are the details of the Cisco 300-435 certification exam topics. In addition to them, there may be other related objectives that are not mentioned on the official page but may be included in the delivery of your specific test. It is recommended that you study broadly to be able to do justice to the exam questions. Let’s check out the topic areas in detail.

• NetworkingProgrammabilityFoundation
This topic covers 10% of the exam content. It includes utilizing version control with git, covering components, such as add, push, diff, branching, clone, commit, and merging conflict. Here you will also run into the description of API-style characteristics such as RPC and REST; description of the challenges encountered; the patterns utilized when using APIs asynchronously and synchronously. It touches upon the interpretation of Python scripts entailing data types, classes, looping, conditions, and functions; description of the advantages of Virtualenv. The candidates also need to know a thing or two about utilizing Puppet and Ansible for the automation of IOS XE platforms.


• AutomateProtocols&APIs
This topic makes up 10% of the exam content. It covers subtopics such as identifying JSON and XML instances based on YANG model as well as the interpretation of RFC8340. It also focuses on comparing advantages, uses, and functionality of IETF, native YANG and OpenConfig models, and RESTCONF and NETCONF.

• NetworkDeviceProgrammability
This topic covers 20% of the total exam content. It is crucial that the students focus their attention on this area and learn all about the usage of NetMiko. The test takers must also be conversant with constructing a Python script with the use of ncclient that utilizes NECONF for monitoring and management of IOS XE device. The candidates also need to know about configuring a device with the use of RESTCONF API with requests library of Python. In addition to this, they should know how to work with Ansible and model-driven telemetry on RESTCONF, NETCONF, and CLI. An understanding of telemetry models and data in the process of troubleshooting network along with Day Zero provisioning techniques is also crucial to your success in the Cisco 300-435 exam.

• Cisco DNA Center
This topic covers 20% of the exam content and focuses on a number of components. The individuals must be able to compare traditional and software-defined networks. They should be able to describe network assurance application programming interfaces, events & notifications, intent APIs, and multivendor support. The candidates also need to know how to apply the event outbound webhooks and API requests. Finally, they should be able to implement the application programming interface requests to complete the tasks with the use of Network discovery, device application programming interfaces, and template ones. The knowledge of troubleshooting of the automation procedure utilizing intent APIs is also required in this Cisco certification test.

• Cisco SD-WAN
This topic also covers 20% of the exam content. It focuses on SD-WAN vManage certificate management and device inventory APIs. The students also need to know how to create API request and implement a Python script to carry out them.

• CiscoMeraki
This topic makes up 20% of the whole test and focuses on the description of characteristics and abilities of Cisco Meraki. It also requires that the applicants develop competence in developing and configuring network utilizing Cisco Meraki application programming interfaces as well as implementing a Python script for Cisco Meraki Alert Webhook.


To obtain one of the credentials we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you need to learn all these exam topics with great deliberation. You need to create a study plan, including all the objectives and the time when you will be studying for them. Moreover, you need reliable preparation resources, which you can get from the official Cisco website and the Exam-Labs platform. Use everything that they offer you: guide books, mock tests, simulations, video courses, exam dumps. Attend the lectures if it is possible. You need to have all the study materials that will help you to cope with the Cisco 300-435 test both mentally and psychologically. You can do it!

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