Excellent Tips To Make Your Holiday Travel With Kids More Enjoyable

After making all the necessary pre-travel arrangements, the next step will be to pack what you need for the journey. For example, you will need to carry spare clothes and nappies, many wet wipes, and more snacks than you could have anticipated.

Below, we list the ten most essential items and necessities to carry when traveling for a holiday to the Isle of Wight with your kids.

More And More Snacks

It is always convenient to have enough snacks when traveling with kids. Consider dried and packaged food items, which only contribute to a bit of wastage and are much easier to carry when traveling for long. The snacks do not have to be sugary foods only. Consider having sufficient milk or water to keep everybody hydrated during the trip.

Travel With A Lightweight Buggy

Finding a suitable lightweight buggy in the market can be challenging and expensive. However, you do not have to buy a new one as you can opt for a second hands umbrella or folding buggy. You can get one from eBay or other second-hand vendor websites at a hugely discounted price. That way, you have fewer concerns that it will get damaged as you move around, and you avoid paying a huge price for an item that will only be used a few times.

Preferably, look for one that folds to a small size enough to be allowed on-board a plane as they usually get thrown around a little in the hold (always confirm what the airline company permits; however, most airlines permit a buggy or a car seat). Moreover, you will likely need a mosquito net and a suitable sunshade if your travel destination is hot.

Do Not Forget The First Aid Supplies

Remember to pack enough supplies of any prescription medicine. In addition, include other vital supplies such as antiseptic, painkillers, plasters, insect repellent, and Calpol.

You might also require age-specific antihistamines, diarrhea meds, and insect bite medications during your trip. Moreover, during the current Covid times, carrying a hand sanitizer and several Covid tests is also a brilliant idea.

The CDC has provided critical information on the necessary considerations for anyone planning to travel. Moreover, the NHS offers helpful advice on any limitations on taking medicines abroad and how they should be carried safely.

A Large Enough Number Of Wet Wipes

It is difficult to emphasize this tip any further. Carry wet wipes and use the ecological ones, which are the best. Under different circumstances, I recommend you go for the washable ones because of their effectiveness when wiping an oily face and their eco-friendly benefits. If traveling for an extended distance, consider packet wipes, which are a much better option. You can always keep the big ones in the luggage bag and have the travel packs in your handbag.

Suitable Sun Shade

Pack enough sun cream, especially when traveling to a hot place. Moreover, UPF clothing, hats, sun shades for buggies, and light clothing help cover the skin sufficiently after basking in the sun.

Books And Entertainment Accessories Like Toys

If you are traveling for an extended duration, you will undoubtedly be glad to pack a few entertainment gadgets and accessories to pass the time during the trip.

Understandably, we are continually encouraged to reduce screen time as much as possible. Still, despite the benefits of such measures, trips provide the perfect time to let the kids have fun with different devices.

Entertainment is rather a valuable outlet for keeping your kids engaged while you focus on the more important stuff, such as queuing or locating your luggage. They are also an effective relaxing way – do not feel guilty for enabling this fun as you travel.

On the other hand, if you prefer other forms of entertainment that do not involve screen time, below are some ideas you can incorporate into your itinerary:

Small-sized books that can easily fit in your hand-held luggage are perfect entertainment methods for anyone traveling long distances by train, plane, or boat. If you think a book is a great idea, consider a book with a theme related to the travel experience. For example, a book about your travel destination: my kids used to love a lift-the-flap book about the airport.

Another option is sticker books and water coloring to entertain the kids throughout the trip. Besides being easy to pack and carry, they keep the kids busy during particular times of the trip.

Also, consider drawing pads, pencils, or pens as fantastic travel companions. They can keep your kids engaged as you wait for food to arrive once you reach your destination or any other similar situation.

Other books include comics and magazines, puzzle books, and easy-to-pack entertainment for older kids.

If you have kids above five years, consider card games such as Uno – they are easy to carry in your hand luggage.

Other travel enthusiasts might recommend purchasing several small items (such as the ones listed above) to package and give to their kids as they travel during the trip. Furthermore, several pleasant surprises can be helpful when your kid is about to lose all patience because you have been waiting in the airport for a long time.

Helpful tip: Avoid carrying toys and games with tiny parts that can be separated, thrown, lost, or dropped accidentally.

Extra Clothes

Clothing layers are vital when you are traveling with kids. For example, you require light layers that can be removed or added easily, mainly when traveling by plane, where sudden temperatures are expected.

In addition, you are likely to require to change your day clothes and put on night clothes when you have had spills or leaky nappies.

A big muslin made of soft cotton can be extremely useful as a light-added layer when you are about to sleep, shielding you from the sun or bugs.

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