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We have something amazing in store for all of you audiophiles out there and that is the Essential II Turntable made by Pro-Ject Audio Systems. This turntable is perfect as an entry level turntable as it offers features of a professional one except it doesn’t cost as much as professional ones usually do. With a sleek modern design and the integration of a new motor control with DC power supply which makes the turntable much more quiet than its predecessors, you will be able to enjoy your vinyls with a quality of sound that exceeds everyone’s expectations. The sweetest feature this turntable brings is the integration of an Ortofon OM5e cartridge, which is quite pricey and has to be bought separately in order to use it. However, bundling it up with the rest of the Essential II specs, Pro-Ject has made a smart move and increased the overall quality of their new line of turntables.

Essential II Turntable design

Minimalist design and high end performance make this turntable quite exceptional

Available in three colors (red, black and white), this turntable is quite easy on the eyes. A minimalist design works pretty well in this case as over the top details can sometimes look too tacky. But this piece of audio equipment has a lot more to boast with than just mere looks. Its low-resonance platter is made from MDF and it goes hand in hand with its synchronous motor with a silicone belt drive which ensures that there will be no vibrations messing up the sound quality. The main bearing is made from stainless steel and bronze bushing with a Teflon bottom so friction is kept to a bare minimum.

Essential II uses a 8,6“ solid aluminum tonearm which gives it an advantage over plastic and steel ones. Why is that? Well, this tonearm is made from a single piece of aluminum and that makes it very light but quite rigid at the same time. This rigidness is very important because the more rigid the tonearm the more precise its tracking is, which secures an excellent listening experience. To make it even better, the tonearm was fitted with sapphire bearings for long lasting quality. As almost every feature of this turntable is aimed at keeping unwanted vibrations at bay, Pro-Ject has added special feet which will effectively decouple it from the surface and make sure that they do not occur.

Ortofon OM5e cartridge

The Ortofon OM5e cartridge makes this turntable very special

I can’t help but mention the Ortofon OM5e cartridge fitted into the Essential II. This is by far the most fantastic bonus a turntable can get as this piece of equipment costs over $60 on its own. The elliptical stylus of this cartridge will provide a balanced and distortion-free sound while also keeping your records in good condition due to its low wear rate. With the combination of an amazing design, even more amazing specifications and affordable price, audio junkies can’t possibly look for more in a turntable as the Essential II by Pro-Ject has it all. [via]

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Silicone belt drive

Thanks to the silicone belt drive among other things, there will be no unwanted vibrations

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