Forget about complicated espresso machines which are all about counting bars of pressure, adjusting all the settings and bleeding your bank account dry. With the ROK Espresso Maker, you are the one who is in control, you are driving this fine machine, you choose the coffee, and you choose the pressure.

How does the ROK Espresso Maker maker work? It is really fool-proof easy, and it doesn’t require electricity. Add a cup of hot water, raise the aluminum handles, and gently push them down to infuse and pressurize the coffee in the steel filter basket extracting the precious coffee oils which are vital for making the impeccable espresso. Ideally, the extraction should take approximately 20 seconds.

Making espresso with a hand pressed espresso maker

The ROK Espresso Maker is manufactured from engine grade metal, and it comes with a ten-year-guarantee. It also has a frother for coffees with milk, a splitter for making two single shots, and a storage tin. The ROK Espresso Maker began in its life in 2002 when it was called the Presso. Since then, the designer replaced the plastic milk-frother with stainless steel, the machine now has rubber feet to prevent it from sliding, and the metal used in manufacturing this espresso maker is 35% stronger.

The ROK Espresso Maker is really a hands-on experience in the coffee world. watch video below

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Rok espresso maker

Rok espresso maker

Rok espresso maker

espresso maker that uses a hand press to make espresso

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