If you’re looking for a compact survival kit to carry on your trips to the wilderness, we suggest you take a look at the ESEE Black Izula II with Survival Sheath and Kit. This survival kit and blade was named after one of the most dangerous insects in the world, the bullet ant. And as this ant packs quite a punch, so does this piece of survival gear. The main component of this survival kit is the Black Izula II knife, which has a drop point blade with a plain edge and a 3 7/8″ long canvas micarta handle. The blade is very lightweight, designed to be carried around with no effort and because of its small dimensions, you can easily conceal it.

Esse Black Izula II with Survival Kit and Sheath

The high quality blade is the main component of this survival kit and it was named after a very dangerous insect, the bullet ant.

As for the material of the blade, 1095 carbon steel was used in its making, which will make it a lifelong companion of your outdoor adventures. Now, this wouldn’t be a survival kit if it didn’t have other things to offer. The sheath, for instance, plays a big part here as it allows you to carry the blade itself with ease thanks to its clip which will make hooking it on your belt a breeze.

Esse Black Izula II with Survival Kit and Sheath full package

These are all of the items included in this survival kit.

It also includes a paracord and a paracord lock which will make any task that involves the paracord easy. You have the option of using the whistle included in this kit for those emergency situations. A survival kit would be nothing without a fire starting tool which is why it comes with a fire flint for this specific task. There are a couple of other minor components, namely the snap hook and split rings which can be used to either mount the blade with its sheath somewhere other than your belt, or other tasks if you know how to put them to use in a survival situation.

Esse Black Izula II with Survival Kit and Sheath

The sheath for the blade offers easy and safe carrying

The ESEE Black Izula II with Survival Kit and Sheath will come in handy to all guys who like to spend time in the great outdoors and who like to be prepared in case things go south because this kit comes with items essential to ones survival.

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