Mobile homes are being considered more and more as permanent housing options, and they’ve been viable options for holiday cottages since their beginning because all you need is a plot of land to park and use one. One exceptionally designed mobile home that deserves a lot of attention is the Escape Traveler, a 269 square foot home which was designed to offer enough space for 4-6 people. That’s enough room, and amenities, for an entire family. It can be hauled by most standard pickups and its wood oriented design makes it look like an actual cottage. Except for the wheels, of course, those are a dead giveaway.


Escape Traveler exterior

The exterior design incorporates a lot of wood, but there are steel options available as well

The design of the standard version Escape Traveler is dominated by wood which gives it a nice, homely and warm appearance. It has cedar lap siding and trim with steel accents and protective panels. The full glass door and large window in the center of the Escape Traveler allow a lot of natural light to go inside and make it more welcoming than most mobile homes which look like steel boxes. The entire upper-front side is covered in low windows (there are even more of them on the sides) which even further enhance this way of illuminating the interior.


Escape Traveler natural light

Thanks to the large number of windows and the glass front door, the Escape traveler has a lot of natural light

Opening the glass front door exposes you to the kitchen and dining area which are equipped with everything you need to make a proper meal and enjoy eating it on a decently sized dining table. The left side of the Escape Traveler is reserved for a living room area, which is large enough to put a sofa and a large TV in so you can spend quality time with your family. As for the right side, there you will find the fully functioning bathroom. Above the bathroom and living room, there are two lofts which are large enough for queen sized beds to be placed in them and effectively creating two amazing bedrooms. The interior is largely made from recycled materials, with wood being the dominant motif, at least for the standard version.

Escape Traveler dining area and kitchen

The fully equipped kitchen and dining area will make you feel like you are at an actual house

The Escape Traveler standard version costs $65,400, but if you are willing to pay more you can improve almost every aspect of this mobile home, from the appearance of the exterior to better AC and bathroom improvements. Even if you opt for the standard version, you get an amazing mobile home, perfect for long cross-country journeys or just parking it on a cool plot of land just outside of town. [via]

Escape Traveler living room area

The best place place to relax is, as always, the living room area, which can be converted into additional sleeping quarters if the need arises

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