If there is something that defines the 21 century living, it is definitely going back to basics and living a more organic, natural lifestyle. Taking up residence is no longer “keeping up with the Joneses” affair, but rather retreating to a peaceful environment, far away from noise, pollution and stress of city life. With this in mind, architect Kelly Davis created a 400-feet-wooden cabin called ESCAPE, a portable cabin which, believe it or not, also classifies as a recreational vehicle since it requires no foundation and can be moved from place to place with a help of a trailer.

Everything about the portable ESCAPE cabin is environmentally friendly and energy sustainable – from LOW-E thermopane glass windows, virtually no carbon footprint and average monthly utility bills in the region of $30.  On top of that, and considering that the cabin is treated by law as a recreational vehicle, the owner does not have to pay property tax.

Escape Cabin design

The cabin is properly insulated both for summer and winter and it comprises of a bathroom, one bedroom, a kitchen and a living area. There are several choices as far as the flooring goes including carpet, laminate or hardwood, and you can even ask for a king-size bed to be delivered with the cottage.

The designer claims that the ESCAPE cabin is “hand-crafted to the highest construction standards”. No installation is required on the owner’s part and the cabin can be delivered in 90 days. So, for all of you who are dreaming of a life without mortgage in a home that requires almost no maintenance, look no further than the ESCAPE portable cabin. [via]

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Living at the portable Escape Cabin

Interior design of a portable cabin

Bedroom at the Escape Cabin

Escape Cabin

Design of a portable cabin

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