Retro hype in design easily made the lack of new ideas in automotive industry seem desirable even in supercars field. With Porsche Singer, new Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, Corvette and new Mustang we certainly did not complain about old ideas being blatantly recycled. We were actually happy. So, how much chance does a basically unknown company have in this competitive field? Judging by the Equus Bass 770, a lot.

Ok, the name is not really imaginative, but looking at it, who cares about the name. This is a wonderful mixture of the best ideas of muscle cars era that draws heavily on its American heritage but clearly resembling the Mustang fastback most. The chassis is all new, made from scratch from aluminum and lined with carbon fiber. This made the car relatively light at 3,640 lb, especially if we have in mind weights of its peers – it is actually 480 lb lighter than a  Camaro ZL1. The car packs old looks, but the technology inside is all new and modern. Muscle cars were known to have terrible brakes, but the carbon ceramic Brembo units combined with the magnetic ride suspension from GM will make stopping as fun and as efficient as driving the car.

Rear and door of the Equus Bass 770

When it comes to driving, we have to mention the engine. It is the LS9 – the 6.2 l V8 from the Corvette ZR1 that is combined with a supercharger that increases the power to 640 hp and the torque to 605 lb-ft. These figures enable the Bass 770 to reach 60 mph in 3.4 seconds that makes it compete with the likes of the Ferrari 458 Spider. The top speed is also in this niche, coming at 200 mph. This kind of power is transformed to the rear via a dual-clutch manual six-speed transmission. The weight distribution is also the result of a great idea that put the heavy engine at the front and the heavy transmission at the back.

The engine is not the only modern thing. The Bass 770 also packs numerous safety features, airbags, air-conditioning, CD and DVD, USB connectivity, GPS, cruise control and tire pressure monitoring system. The interior is also packed with leather with Alcantara ceiling.

Still, the thing that you will notice first is the design. Everything is retro styled. And I mean everything. From the dials of the control panel, through the transmission stick and the steering wheel. The outside resembles the Mustang fastback with some features that are reminiscent of other American muscle cars. Every line is simply perfect.

This car does come with a price. At $250,000 the Bass 770 seems to be expensive and difficult to vie the competition due to its lack of history that is important for a muscle car. However, great design, modern tech features and great performance helped the company pre-sell 20 units in China and the Far East already. Equus also offers loads of customization features that will make your car unique in every respect including power, body enhancements and new materials. watch video below

Control dials in the Equus Bass 770

Blue Equus Bass 770

Top view of the Equus Bass 770

Interior of the Equus Bass 770

Red Equus Bass 770

Blue Equus Bass 770

Equus Bass 770

Equus Bass 770

Side view Equus Bass 770

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