Ahoy there, lovers of winter sports, bobsleds and all things snowy! Today we bring you the ultimate snowmobile accessory to conquer the great white expanse without having to sacrifice the comfort of your kid’s traveling experience for the sake of an invigorating sleigh-ride across the snow. With new Equinox 685 Snowcoach, you and your kids will stay well-protected from freezing temperatures and fierce wintry winds as you’re gliding across the snowy deserts on a quest to catch the Abominable Snowman. Interested? Hop on for more details!

Designed to accommodate a couple of kids or small adults, Equinox Snowcoach is an enclosed trailer placed atop a pair of shock-absorbing composite skis with plastic ski skins and fitted with a limited rotational hitch that allows the unit to be towed by an ATV or snowmobile.

Black Equinox Snowcoach

Made from durable polyethylene material, Snowcoach is equipped with two seats to sit a pair of children and it hooks to the back of a snowmobile with the help of the included suspension hitch for extremely enjoyable, extra-smooth, ultra-comfortable and 100% safe rides across snow. For maximum safety, the little snow-borne pod is fitted with a couple of seatbelts, body reflectors, heavy-duty gas shock suspension and even a set of reliable brake/running lights so nobody would crash into the coach from behind even in low light conditions.

Equinox 685 Snowcoach in red

Measuring 182.9 x 114.3 x 132.1 centimeters (L x W x H) and weighing 158.7 kilograms, Equinox 685 Snowcoach can take up to some 160 kilograms of payload and it comes complete with a convenient storage rack, canvas cover, seat cushions and ATV conversion kit, which means that you can keep using it after the snow melts and spring season sets in.

Two children in a Equinox Snowcoach

Comfortable, safe and roomy enough to accommodate a pair of kids, Equinox Snowcoach is available in five different colors, including black, yellow, red, teal green and sandoz blue. So, if you’re planning to take your kids out for an exciting ride across snowy hillsides this winter, make sure you get your new Equinox snowmobile trailer before it’s time to set off on the next adventure across the white expanse. [via]

Equinox 685 Snowcoach

Equinox 685 Snowcoach pulled by a snowmobile

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