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We all know that owning a pair of high-quality leather shoes is a gentleman’s must-have but also that it’s a smart investment. They can last for decades to come so taking good care of them is paramount. If you don’t polish and protect the shoes, expect them to wear out. We are very glad to introduce you to Equerry, a shoe shiner that will make the entire process less time-consuming and more importantly, perform perfectly every time you use it.

So, what makes Equerry different than other shoe shiners? Probably its most innovative feature is that it’s USB rechargeable, making it the first one produced like it and with a built-in polish reservoir. On one end, you’ll find a wax polish dispenser that comes out of the replaceable capsule. On the other side of the device, there’s a high-quality horsehair brush that rotates at around 100 rpm and ensures the shoes are perfectly polished.

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s hoe shiner next to a pair of black leather shoes

Equerry is the first USB rechargeable shoe shining device with a built-in polish reservoir.

Equerry offers more useful features. For instance, you can change the sponge head and use different polish colors, depending on the type and color of your shoes. The same applies to the brush head- once it’s worn out, you can easily replace it. Since the device is equipped with a powerful motor, you’ll get the job done in less than 2 minutes.

one unpolished and one polished black leather shoe

It takes less than 2 minutes to polish your shoe with Equerry.

The polish capsule is designed to last for 30 uses and you can get it in brown, black or neutral. Another useful feature of Equerry is its size, making it perfect for travel since you can easily pack it. Also, since the capsule fits less than 100ml, you can bring it along in a hand luggage as well.

Get it from Indiegogo here.

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