Enigma | The First Kinetic Steampunk Bar In The World

Enigma Café in Cluj, Romania is the first kinetic steampunk bar in the world. This hypnotizing place is a tribute to time and motion. The entire design was made by The 6th Sense Interior, a design company from Romania.

The designers behind this project were Alexandru Tohotan and Zoltan Zelenyak. They have experience in making steampunk interiors, and they surely rocked this one.

The steampunk bar in Enigma Cafe, Romania

This amazing bar has one of the best steampunk interiors in the world.

Details on the bar in Enigma Cafe

There are many details on the bar.

This unique place is filled with giant clocks, kinetic artworks, mechanisms and many inspiring pieces of art like a robot sculpture riding a bicycle. He is wearing a gas mask and his transparent skull is producing visible energy. The ceiling is filled with different patterns and has a big moving bird mechanism placed on one part of the ceiling. Each design is linked with the other, and the place is similar to a labyrinth.

Robotic Sculpture Riding A Bike In Enigma Cafe

The robotic sculpture welcomes everyone at the entrance.

When talking about the inspiration and the time itself, designers explained: “Universally, time is a giant clock. This is why our design story starts with a clock — not just any clock, but one that gives you the feeling of being inside it. Placed on the far wall of the bar, the clock impresses at first because of its size. Framed by a wooden rim, the clock offers an inside perspective, with dozens of wheels of different sizes moving at the same time. The clock is also illuminated by an LED band on the edge of the wooden frame. Mechanically, what we were trying to build here was an inside view of time itself.”

Enigma Cafe details

Some of the details.

It took them about two years to transform this place to what it is today. This place has so many details and pieces of art and every single one is admirable. [via]

Take a look at this video and see how sculptures work:

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