I can’t actually believe that no one thought of this before. The ENERGI+ BACKPACK, created by TYLT, is the backpack we have all been waiting for.

Apart from being a perfectly good backpack made of high quality ballistic nylon, having more than 1,450 cubic inches of internal space and 13 pockets and also standing straight up when put on the ground, there is another use of this astonishing invention and that one is actually the primary one.

In the title we said “A rechargeable Backpack”. Why the hell would anyone want to charge a backpack? Well, because it is not just a backpack, but also a charging station for your mobile phone, tablet, or just about anything else.

description of each compartment in the sample electrical connections of the ENERGI+ Backpack

There are five external and two internal pockets to all of which you can route the charging cables that are connected to the removable 10,400mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. That amount of power is sufficient to charge four smartphones and 1 tablet fully.

The battery itself can be charged in only 7 to 8 hours through any USB charger, so you can charge it anywhere, including your car, using your laptop computer or plugging it to a power socket.

The developers tried their best to make it even more practical, thinking about every possible aspect you might need, so the ENERGI+ BACKPACK is feature-packed. For example, one of the options allows you to charge your phone outside of your backpack, while using it to read something, listen to music, talk to someone, or use the GPS.

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a man wearing an ENERGI+ Backpack

iphone being charged with the ENERGI+ Backpack

battery compartment and wire connections in the ENERGI+ Backpack

ENERGI+ Backpack open with the inner contents visible

ENERGI+ Backpack main compartement filled with books

ENERGI+ Backpack sun glass and phone compartement

ENERGI+ Backpack straps

TYLT battery connected to 2 phones and a tablet

sample wire connections of the ENERGI+ Backpack

sample electrical connections of the ENERGI+ Backpack

sample electrical connections of the ENERGI+ Backpack

The video below can explain the whole process and the possibilities this revolutionary backpack offers.

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