EmberLit Camp Stove


We have one more great piece of camping equipment you should check out if you’re an outdoorsy kind of person. EmberLit Camp Stove is a compact and extremely efficient stove that will surely make preparing food a lot easier.

The first thing you’ll notice about EmberLit Camp Stove is that it’s really small (6 x 5.5 x 4 inches). Along with that goes the fact that it’s very lightweight as well (just 11.3 oz). This stove is made from stainless steel so you’ll get assured it’s both durable and won’t rust.

EmberLit Camp Stove Set Up

EmberLit Camp Stove is a strong and lightweight stove perfect for making coffee in the morning, reheating food and cooking.

Let’s talk about the efficiency of EmberLit Camp Stove. In order to start a fire, this stove requires minimal preparation. All you have to do is collect some dry sticks and debris and light them on fire. It doesn’t need gas to burn because of its construction. On the sides, you’ll notice small vents that are designed to draw in air and make the flame strong and long-lasting.

EmberLit Camp Stove Collapsed

EmberLit Camp Stove can be collapsed.

EmberLit Camp Stove is a great option for cooking, reheating food and making coffee. It will boil water in 10 minutes. There’s one more great thing about this stove. You can collapse it and place it in a storage sleeve. This means it can fit in the pocket. Also, the sleeve has instructions printed on it, so you don’t have to memorize exactly how to fold and unfold it. Just make sure you clean it from the ashes and let it cool down completely before packing it.

EmberLit Camp Stove Placed Inside A Sleeve

When collapsed, EmberLit Camp Stove Collapsed fits into a sleeve.

EmberLit Camp Stove comes with a lifetime warranty. This is one more proof of how durable it actually is. You can also get a titanium one that weighs around 5.45 oz.

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