ELF | The First Transparent Aroma Diffuser


Some time ago we wrote an article on aromatherapy, and how it is something that everybody should be doing, including men. Well, if you were you were looking for the perfect aromatherapy diffuser, then we have exactly what you are looking for! Introducing the ELF Transparent Aroma Diffuser!

Pre-order from Indiegogo here.

Designed to improve your health, relieve your stress, and add to the décor of your home, ELF is an integrated diffuser system.

ELF diffuser by itself

The teardrop shape of the ELF makes it look fantastic in every room, and aids in the diffusing of the oils.

Manufactured by Aickar, that has a team of creative individuals that enjoy designing things outside of the box, the ELF is definitely within creative potential. Not only does it improve your ambient air quality, but each oil has different benefits as well! Check out the video below.

ELF diffuser with the top removed

The funnel shaped lid allows you to easily pour water into the ELF.

The ELF works as an ultrasonic diffuser that vibrates at 2.4Mhz. This means that it is almost undetectable, and you can even sleep with it. You can also see the oil vaporize, and proliferate into the air. It comes in the form of a relaxing mist that opens your lungs, and enhances the air around you. The upper funnel-shaped lid also allows you to easily pour water and oil into it. You simply fill it turning it upside down. It completely eliminates splashes and spillages.

ELF Diffuser features

With these features, the ELF truly is an astonishing diffuser.

The diffuser also comes with 7 different LED light colors that enhances your room, and your experience. It’s also as easy as a push of a button to control the entire ELF. At the moment, it’s being featured on Indiegogo. So you better hurry to grab yourself and Early Bird Special!

Here are some of the benefits that you can get from using the ELF.

    1. Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

    Woman sleeping while using the ELF

    Improve your whole family’s sleeping quality by adding Lavendar oil to ELF.

    2. Increase the good atmosphere of romantic date.

    ELF being used on a date

    Make your date more romantic and relaxing by adding Rose oil to ELF.

    3. Uplift Your Mood

    Man using ELF while working

    Lift yourself up with Coffee? ELEnjoyF with Peppermint Oil is the best stimulate and cools you down.

    4. Enjoy Healthy Ocean SPA

    Woman using the ELF

    Feel like taking a SPA? Reduce and buffer painful headaches, fibromyalgia, and aches and pains by simply adding Ocean essential oil blends to Elf

    5. Meditation To Increase Calmness, Clarity and Happiness.

    Woman using ELF to meditate

    If you’re in the mood for meditation, use a few drops of pure sandalwood and center your spirit, while breathing in the soothing properties of the plant.

ELF measures 150mm in diameter and 202mm high (5.90 x 7.95 inches).

Pre-order from Indiegogo here.

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